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New Android Rooting Software Website Promises to Simplify Android Rooting

In the early days of Android, rooting was notoriously difficult.

Rooting is the process of using exploits to gain access to the “root” directories of your device. After gaining root access to Android, you can customize your device like never before.

Calling rooting similar to jailbreaking would be unfair to rooting: if rooting is like breaking out of prison, then jailbreaking is like moving from a maximum security prison to a medium-security prison.

Analogies aside, one Android rooting software website promises to simplify the rooting process in 2015. That website is, which claims to have the best Android rooting tutorials for popular Androids – as well as rooting tutorials for quite a few obscure Androids.

Easy, Safe, and Backed by Professional Developers

The methods used by don’t involve just downloading some free executable file from a sketchy-looking website.

Instead, they’re professionally-developed pieces of software backed by award-winning teams of developers.

Using this software to root Android is easy: you just attach your device to your computer using the micro-USB cable that came with the device, then run the rooting software. It’s that easy.

Top 8 Reasons You Should Root Android in 2016

Rooting Android has never been more popular than it is today. Wondering if it’s time to finally root your device? Here are a few reasons to consider.

8) Wipe out Bloatware

Nobody uses your preinstalled apps, Samsung. They just take up valuable space on our storage drives. After rooting, you can get rid of these bloatware apps permanently without damaging other parts of your system.

7) Download New Android Apps

Download Android apps from third party software websites. Download apps that your carrier or manufacturer tried to prevent you from downloading. Download whatever apps you like because it’s your Android device.

6) Backup Everything

Titanium Backup is the world’s best backup app. Instead of just backing up certain Android files, you can back up everything.

5) Boost Performance

Apps like SetCPU will automatically overclock your Android when it needs an extra boost to performance while underclocking when performance is not needed. Save battery life and increase speeds at the same time.

4) Install Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs customize your entire Android experience. Some people prefer installing a minimalistic custom ROM. Others prefer a battery-saving ROM or a performance-boosting ROM. Flashing a ROM is basically as easy as restarting your Android device. You’ll feel like you bought a brand new Android.

3) Upgrade to the Latest Android Version

Manufacturers are lazy when it comes to pushing out Android updates and carriers seem even lazier. If you’re on an older Android device, then you may never receive the latest updates. Rooting your device lets you easily install these updates without waiting for anyone.

2) Free Wi-Fi Tethering

Wi-Fi tethering is one of those ridiculous things for which carriers love to charge fees. Avoid these problems with free Wi-Fi tethering, available on rooted Android. 

1) Dramatically Improve Battery Life

The number one reason why people root is to save battery life. Yes, rooting will almost always save you battery life. You can install apps like Greenify that don’t even require you to do anything to save battery life. Just install the app and sit back and enjoy having 2 to 3 hours more battery life at the end of every day.